From Cocktails to Kids

I’ve been bartending and involved in the hospitality business in one way shape or form for a long time now, in fact almost half of my life. I have been taking care of my kids now for about a tenth of that time. It started out by doing both at the same time and now has evolved into a single consumed existence. People tend to ask me what is more difficult and what’s the difference between the two jobs and lifestyles. I would laugh and say, surprisingly they are ultimately the same thing; three-year-olds and drunk adult’s demands come from basically the same place in the brain. The part that is a very self-centered and selfish area, while neither is very good at understanding anybody else and especially themselves. Next comes the question of which job is harder? No matter what job you have in the world, entertaining kids and raising them is without a doubt the hardest job on the planet. Why? Because at least with adults you can bribe them with alcohol, meanwhile with children they may or may not fall for the bribe. You are and in for a demanding lifestyle either way you go.

Subsequently with your own kids, you are fulfilling your own self interests building your proverbial own brand.  All kidding aside, some of the most enjoyable and fulfilling moments anyone will ever have in this lifetime are with the creation of something so innocent and pure that you actually made from scratch (with some help from the wife of course). Now in no way shape or form would I have ever thought that I was qualified or ready to take care of, let alone put another human life under my sole responsibility, especially one that is as important as your own flesh and blood. But sometimes you have the ability to even amaze yourself and everyone around you, when you least expect it.  I’m not saying I have been more qualified to serve people than anybody else with my past experiences, but I am extremely aware of how to satisfy people and make them feel catered to.

The similarities in raising kids and serving adults are astonishing. Basically entertaining followed by clean up, and sometimes with a dash of having to be a circus performer. In the best way I can sum it up, I was reading my daughter the story the sword in the stone the other night.  I came to the startling realization that my life was just like King Arthur’s. As a peasant boy he was taken under Merlin’s wing and made to do all sorts of tasks that didn’t seem to make any sense at all. But they weren’t made to make sense at the time and were really setting him up with traits to become a King. So now when people ask me how I like the change in my lifestyle, I now reply “I have gone from a mere Peasant, to a mighty King!”